The colour of imaginary rain
falling forever on your old address…
Helen Mort

RoseofTempCoverConceived and curated by Paul Evans and Brian Lewis, The Rose of Temperaments is a collaborative project featuring poetry by Angelina D’Roza, A.B. Jackson, Chris Jones, Geraldine Monk, Helen Mort and Alistair Noon. Each poet has been allocated one of six primary or secondary colours – Red, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow and Orange – and has created a sonnet based on that colour. A new sonnet will appear on this website every Thursday, from 18 August to 22 September 2016; recordings, essays and other materials relating to the project will also be uploaded during this period. Click here to access the menu of poems.

An essay by Paul Evans, on the origins and development of the project, appears here. Two further critical essays by Brian Lewis – White Point and Black Square – reflect on the relationships between the ‘paired’ sonnets of The Rose of Temperaments, via meditations on field recordings, colour perception, night walks, and the paintings of Kazimir Malevich.